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18 People Who Might Have Lied For Internet Clout, So They're Getting Called Out

*Side-eyes all these posts*

Ever heard of an "untrustworthy Pop-Tart"? Basically, it's a person who may or may not have faked a photo for internet clout. Redditors coined the phrase after seeing this post, which ~might~ be real...or the OP may have just opened another pack of Pop-Tarts and put a third one in here:

I found 3 pop tarts in my pack of 2 pop tarts from mildlyinteresting

Here are 17 more untrustworthy Pop-Tarts to watch out for:

1. The person who definitely didn't just pour out each can's contents and switch 'em:

Because you didn’t just switch them yourself... from untrustworthypoptarts

2. The person who at least could've tried to hide the torn plastic:

Why is the plastic open? from untrustworthypoptarts

3. The person who couldn't possibly have ordered nuggets on the side:

on my facebook newsfeed from untrustworthypoptarts

4. The person whose friend totally works at a dealership and didn't just take these pics themself:

Ah yes. from untrustworthypoptarts

5. The person who ran really fast, promise:

Running a 5k in 10 minutes from thatHappened

6. The person whose belt was so badass that they scared off a guy with a simple "glaze":

Man ran because of a belt from thatHappened

7. The person who was insulted by a pizzeria...or just taped a $5 bill to a box:

Yeah they give a shit about what you order from untrustworthypoptarts

8. The ink prank that totally wasn't staged (except you can see the mess from previous takes):

There is already ink on the floor from failed attempts from untrustworthypoptarts

9. The person who didn't even move the food off the assembly line to take a pic:

Looks to me like you are working at Wendy’s and you took the photo at the prep station. “Untrustworthy Nugget” from untrustworthypoptarts

10. The person who just had the cutest oopsie:

Puts headphones on a dog and tells outlandish lies about it from untrustworthypoptarts

11. The person who definitely didn't order these mugs specifically for this photo:

Oh come on from untrustworthypoptarts

12. The person whose toddler is out here making omelets and grilling cherry tomatoes:

3-year-old cooking prodigy from untrustworthypoptarts

13. The person who still wrote May:

Then how did you write the date from untrustworthypoptarts

14. The person who was just casually recording a movie, as one does:

Just watching Jurrasic Park when the LA earthquake hits from untrustworthypoptarts

15. The person who didn't want to show us the front of the very rare card, probably because our hearts couldn't take it:

My little bro totally ripped my expensive, rare card. Here's the back of it as proof. from untrustworthypoptarts

16. The person who maybe should've removed the "heavy" sticker to make this more believable:

They put heavy on a box with two bottles...right... from untrustworthypoptarts

17. And finally, the person who did not, under any circumstances, simply order four mac 'n' cheeses:

And the restaurant is making these orders and delivering them... from untrustworthypoptarts

H/T: r/untrustworthypoptarts.

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