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    People Are Sharing Words That Only Their Family Uses, And It's Hilariously Relatable

    What words have your family totally made up and continued to use to this day?

    Does your family use words that are totally made up? If so, you're not alone.

    Doctoral language student Iva Cheung asked her Twitter followers what words are in their "familiolect."

    What words, expressions, or pronunciations are unique to your familiolect? Quote-tweet with your favourites!

    Her own example was how her family uses "responsible" as a verb, meaning to do anything...well, responsible.

    Growing usage in my household: "responsible" as a verb. "Will you responsible the dishes?" "I've reponsibled the trash." cf. "adulting"

    The responses starting pouring in. Tomatoes are "termerders" in one family.

    @Torcherama @IvaCheung Around my house, we say "termerders".

    Babies don't poop, they have a "bottom event."

    "Bottom event" = a baby has either parped or pooped (i.e. we heard something happen).

    Oh, and pizza crusts are the bones of the pizza.

    We used to refer to uneaten pizza crusts as "pizza bones". And my dad calls the room where is computer is the "comp…

    Could you hand me the TV box?

    My whole family calls the remote the tv box. No one ever knows what were talking about.

    Who foofed?!

    My cousins weren't allowed to say fart when we were kids and we had to follow that rule at their house. They could…


    @IvaCheung As a kid I pronounced sausages as “hostages”. God help anyone who hears us say “we’re having hostages fo…

    One family even has an entire dictionary of the many words in its familiolect.

    @IvaCheung We seriously have so many in my family that I wrote them all down in a dictionary for my dad's Christmas…

    What are the words in your family that make outsiders say "WTF"?