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People Are Sharing Weird Things They Overheard And I'm Dying Of Laughter

"I truly believe God can make this diarrhea into a blessing."

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Have you ever been in a public place and overheard a hilarious snippet of someone's conversation?

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We've all been there, and now people on Twitter are sharing their best overheard moments. Here are some of the best:

1. There's the confused people talking about Chrissy Teigen:

At dinner with my parents. Overheard table near us trying to discuss @chrissyteigen and @johnlegend flight mishap b…

2. The photographer who didn't get the memo that the old Taylor is dead:

Just overheard a headshot photographer tell her subject to pose like “The Old Taylor Swift.”

3. The poor kid who wanted his dad to pay attention to the safety briefing:

Overheard on flight: Middle of safety instructions from staff: “In case of a water landing...” 5 yr old boy to hi…

4. The woman who got sassed at the store:

Today I tried on a pair of gloves in a shop and immediately exclaimed “OOH, fits like a glove!” without thinking...…

5. The guy who's mother-in-law has a miracle in store:

My mother in law is on the phone with her friend. I overheard her say, "I truly believe god can make this diarrhea into a blessing."

6. The boys who thought up the best comeback in history:

Overheard at Target between two 6 year old boys.. “whenever someone is trying to pick on you and say mean things, t…

7. The kid that knows that humans aren't sweet:

Overheard conversation on the plane child to mom: mom I love eating sours things. I wish I could eat all the sours.…

8. The tech insider who has a bold prediction:

Overheard in Stockholm: “Oh 2018 they’ll definitely create VR for dogs.”

9. The teen who knows her priorities:

Overheard 15 yr old niece fighting with her friend : You think I can't live without you ? Who do you think you are? My phone charger ? 😂😂

10. The person who clearly didn't love the Harry Potter series:

I just overheard someone say, "Harry Potter is so overrated, why doesn't he just put some bio-oil on his scar and m…

11. And the person who said what we're all thinking, TBH:

Overheard: "Who's kissing you on New Year's this year?" Them: 2017 is kissing me goodbye.

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