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People Are Sharing Their Weird Fears On Twitter And I Feel Confused And Seen

"I have a crippling fear of Goofy."

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Comedian Jim Smallman took to Twitter to do what we all do on social media: share our deepest, darkest, most personal fears.

WEIRD FEARS Let’s share ours. Mine: hotel corridors with hanging light fittings. As a kid saw a tv show about poltergeists where they showed a corridor with lights swinging by themselves. In any similar corridor now, I run out of terror.

His tweets about weird, random fears he had growing up — and still has — inspired others to share theirs.

ALSO In the first house I remember living in, my parents had a painting of a woman playing the lute. I frequently had nightmares about that painting. I swear the eyes followed me.

Those fears included...

Surprise food fillings.

@jimsmallman Surprise centres in food. Jam donuts can gtfo.

Red — specifically red — ice cream vans.

@jimsmallman I've grown out of it now, but when I was a kid I was terrified of red ice cream vans. Only red ones. Absolute nonsense.

Bath drains.

@jimsmallman As a kid, my grandma always used to tell me that if I stayed in the bath as it drained, my soul would get sucked through along with the water. Still wary over it. 😬

Goofy, of Disney fame.

@jimsmallman I have a crippling fear of goofy the dog. Cant explain it, have had recurring nightmares over it and was so scared when seeing a costume in disneyland paris that I had to calm down for like 30 minutes.

Open closets (same, tbh).

@jimsmallman Can't sleep with the closet door open. Logically, I know there's nothing in there. I also don't want to wake up at 3 am and see glowing eyeballs

The sudden disappearance of gravity.

@jimsmallman Falling into the sky as I lie on my back looking at the stars. I get this horrible feeling that I'm about to fall down into space.


@jimsmallman Also, eggs is my ‘weird’ fear. The look, the feel of the shell, the smell... and if you think about what it REALLY is too 😪 I can’t touch them, let alone eat them

And, um, being stabbed in the back by Uma Thurman with a machete while trapped in an elevator.

@jimsmallman Throughout my childhood, for some as-yet-unearthed-by-therapy reason, my phobia was specifically this; being trapped in a lift. And then stabbed in the back with a machete. By Uma Thurman. I cannot emphasise how terrified this scenario made me feel.

As for me, it's all about scary mirrors.

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Tell us your weird fears in the comments, and you might be featured in a future BuzzFeed post or video!

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