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Women Are Sharing Pics Of Weird Stuff In Guys' Bathrooms And TBH I'm Alarmed

"Why is there a lobster in the tub?"

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You're dating someone new, you're at their apartment for the first time, you go into their bathroom, and you pull a Confused John Travolta because something in their bathroom is hella weird.

Well, Twitter user @jodieegrace asked people to share the weirdest thing they've ever seen in a man's bathroom, and the responses will either shock you or...totally not shock you, depending on how many weird bathrooms you've seen.

ladies what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found in a boy’s bathroom? allow me to start

Some responses included ~creative~ shower modifications:

Others showed off choices in décor:

More than one had to do with toilet paper rolls:

@jodieegrace @Isabelle_Faraci this was the only toilet paper the bathroom had🙃


@jodieegrace The boys' upstairs toliet paper roll.....

Just buy a toothbrush holder, man. They're like $3 at Target.

So this one was in a bedroom, not a bathroom, but still:

@jodieegrace was on his bedside table. I still had it on when he came out of the bathroom, he said he made it bc he always gets distracted when he reads. He made himself blinders for reading.

The only thing spookier than a bathroom skeleton...

...Is bathroom clown art:

And then there's the ol' lobster in the toilet, of course:

Check out the thread for more. And don't put weird stuff in your bathroom.