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    This Scientist Made An AI That Invents Recipes And The Results Are Hilarious

    Would you like to try some Beef Soup With Swamp Peef and Cheese?

    This is research scientist Janelle Shane.

    Janelle used a computer neural network — essentially an artificial intelligence with the ability to "learn" — using an open source project and set it to work on creating dinner recipes. The result is hilariously great:

    "I was inspired by Tom Brewe’s neural network-generated recipes, which are hilarious and very well worth a look," Shane told BuzzFeed. "The project's end goal is its present state: pure entertainment. In the future I'd love to experiment more with different datasets (so far I've used superhero names, Pokémon names/abilities, and the complete works of H.P. Lovecraft)."

    People on Tumblr and Twitter are understandably losing it over the AI's ~creative~ recipe names.

    This list of AI-generated recipe titles is the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life:

    People seem intrigued by the "Beef Soup with Swamp Peef and Cheese," though the desserts sound interesting too.

    I think dinner tonight will be Beef Soup With Swamp Peef And Cheese and some Chocolate Chicken Chicken Cake.

    And of course, who could resist a piping hot plate of "Out of Meat?"

    @ChuckWendig "I'd like the Out of Meat, please?" "I'm sorry, we're out of Out of Meat." "Okay. Swamp Peef And Cheese then."

    Eventually Janelle's neural network might be able to put together actual (edible) recipes, but in the meantime it'll probably look a bit like this other computer-generated dish:

    please try this recipe i made using a predictive text imitator and The American Woman's Cook Book (1938)

    Anyway tag urself, I'm "Completely Meat Circle."