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This "Dad Rock" Album Is Making People Feel Hella Old

Avril Lavigne and Sum 41 rock?

Hello everyone. I have some alarming news. You remember those "Now That's What I Call Music" albums?

NOW That's Music / Via

They've been going since the '80s, and they're usually just a compilation of popular songs from the past year.

Well, I regret to inform you that Now has a "Dad Rock" album, and the songs are...newer than you'd think.

Absolutely devastated to learn this DAD ROCK album with AVRIL LAVIGNE and SUM 41 is not just a meme but is, in fact, real

Twitter: @SamMaggs

Yep, the album is 100% real.

For example, "Stacy's Mom" came out in 2003. "Buck Rogers" was released in 2001. And many of you reading right now probably remember "All the Small Things" from middle school or maybe even high school.

A list of some of the album's tracks, including hits from Blink-182, Feeder, and Fountains of Wayne

Blessedly, the Beastie Boys' hit came out in the mid-'80s.

Naturally, this put the millennial population (and probably even some zoomers) into a slight panic.

MGMT is considered "dad rock" now just let me sign my will and put me in the grave already

Twitter: @mannyfidel

But I want to bring everyone hope! See, the tracklist STARTS with Queen (1977), the Rolling Stones (1981), U2 (1987), and Bon Jovi (1986) before launching into "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons, which was released in 2012!

Really, the album is all over the place...we've got hits from Boston and Eric Clapton right next to tracks from MGMT, Bastille, and the 1975.


So while it's a little alarming to see Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn" listed as "Dad Rock"...

RCA Records

...It seems like "Dad Rock" is less about the time period and more about the ~feeling~ of the music, in this particular case.

More of the track list, which includes "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple near "Ho Hey" by the Lumineers

I mean, that's an eclectic mix right there.

So, how much of a dad are you, according to the track list? Check off all the songs you've rocked out to on the full track list below, and we'll tell you:

  1. Check off all the songs you've listened to:

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