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    18 Sandwiches You Must Try If You Live In Los Angeles

    Put down the kale and eat some bread, Los Angelenos.

    1. #3 Soppressata Salami at Larchmont Wine & Cheese

    2. The Godmother at Bay Cities Italian Deli

    3. The Godfather at All About the Bread

    4. Beef Double-Dip at Philippe the Original

    5. Pulled Pork at The Oinkster

    6. Beef on Weck at Top Round Roast Beef

    7. Roasted Pork Bánh Mì at Little Shop of Mary

    8. Mac & Rib at Grilled Cheese Truck

    9. Jaymee Sirewich at Ike's Place

    10. Spanish Godfather at Sack Sandwiches

    11. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese at Eggslut

    12. #19 at Langer's Delicatessen

    13. Pastrami at Brent's Deli

    14. Fried Chicken at Free Range LA

    15. BBQ Pulled Chicken at Simplethings

    16. Fat Jerry at Fat Sal's

    17. Short Rib Melt at Joan's on Third

    18. Ice Cream Sandwich at Diddy Riese