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    18 Sandwiches You Must Try If You Live In Los Angeles

    Put down the kale and eat some bread, Los Angelenos.

    1. #3 Soppressata Salami at Larchmont Wine & Cheese

    The sandwich sounds simple: Soppressata salami, mixed greens, provolone, balsamic vinegar, and a sun-dried tomato spread on a baguette. But each ingredient is so fresh and delicious — the bread so light and crispy, the spread so rich and flavorful — that it makes this sandwich transcendent. You can sub the baguette for ciabatta if you want, but the baguette is really the way to go.

    2. The Godmother at Bay Cities Italian Deli

    You can't talk about sandwiches in LA without mentioning the Godmother. The bread has that nice crispy outer layer but is chewy underneath, and the ingredients are always fresh. This sandwich has been featured on Food Network and is so famous, you'll often find lines out the door on weekends with people waiting to order one. Pro tip: Order online in advance and go pick up your sandwich in the back of the shop.

    3. The Godfather at All About the Bread

    As the name implies, this deli really is all about the perfectly crispy, chewy bread, so it doesn't even matter all that much which sandwich you choose. However, the Godfather is always a good choice, especially if you don't want to make the trip to Santa Monica for Bay Cities.

    4. Beef Double-Dip at Philippe the Original

    Philippe's is widely considered to be the inventor of the French dip sandwich, so naturally it's the best place in LA to grab one. You could go for a regular dip, but the "Double-Dip" is presoaked in au jus and is a more unique and flavorful experience.

    5. Pulled Pork at The Oinkster

    The Oinkster is probably most famous for its pastrami, but the pulled pork is also a meat lover's dream. The serving is huge, the meat tender, and the BBQ sauce nice and tangy. Oh, and you'll want some of their giant onion rings and maybe their milkshake of the month to go with it, too.

    6. Beef on Weck at Top Round Roast Beef

    Come for the insanely delicious, juicy, tender roast beef. Stay for the gravy fries and milkshakes. But seriously, you'll be hard-pressed to find better roast beef in Los Angeles, and the combinations here are great. In particular, the Beef on Weck has an "atomic horseradish" sauce that's perfect for people who want some kick.

    7. Roasted Pork Bánh Mì at Little Shop of Mary

    With so many Vietnamese restaurants to choose from, Los Angeles is a gold mine of bánh mì sandwiches. But perhaps the best is at Little Shop of Mary, where you can choose from a big menu of bánh mì, each with a different meat. You can't go wrong with the roasted pork, which balances perfectly with the crisp pickled veggies for a perfect bánh mì experience.

    8. Mac & Rib at Grilled Cheese Truck

    Mac and cheese? Good. Short rib? Good. Grilled cheese? Good. All three together? Heavenly. It's a rich, carb-heavy twist on a classic that will leave you craving it again later. You have to track down the Grilled Cheese Truck in order to get it, but it's well worth the chase. Just follow them on Twitter to find out where they are.

    9. Jaymee Sirewich at Ike's Place

    Ike's originated in San Francisco before opening up a shop in Westwood, so die-hard Angelenos might feel like they're betraying their town by eating there. But trust us when we say it's well worth it. This particular sandwich, which features fried chicken and Ike's special yellow BBQ sauce, is an insanely flavorful (albeit messy) meal. It's all about the crazy-good sauces here, so you'll have to be a fan of saucy sandwiches...but if you are, prepare for sandwich heaven.

    10. Spanish Godfather at Sack Sandwiches

    Formerly known as Ink Sack, Sack Sandwiches offers a wide variety of sandwich styles, each one of them delicious in their own right. The Spanish Godfather — complete with ham, chorizo, manchego, olives, veggies, and sherry vinaigrette — is one of the best on the menu, but feel free to try the turkey and brie Frenchy, the Banh Mi, or the Cuban if those are more your speed. Be sure to grab some kettle potato chips and a Boylan's natural soda or a milkshake while you're at it.

    11. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese at Eggslut

    The amazing bread at Eggslut is made fresh daily, but that's only part of what makes their egg-centric sandwiches so delicious. Sure, it might look like a breakfast sandwich, but you can eat one of these any time of day and be perfectly happy with your decision.

    12. #19 at Langer's Delicatessen

    If you're a New York transplant and missing your favorite deli back home, Langer's is the place to go to fill your pastrami cravings. The #19 is arguably the best pastrami sandwich in the city of Los Angeles, though many will be happy to debate you on that point.

    13. Pastrami at Brent's Deli

    If you were just wondering, "Which other deli do people compare to Langer's?" here's your answer. Brent's is a staple for those in the Valley looking for traditional deli fare, and their pastrami is one of the few in LA that can hold a candle to Langer's. Plus, the rye bread is soft and bursting with flavor, and the sides are pretty great too.

    14. Fried Chicken at Free Range LA

    A lot of people associate Los Angeles with health food, but good fried chicken is plentiful here (we are, after all, the home of Roscoe's). As far as fried chicken sandwiches go, Free Range LA is the perfect balance of crunchy fried batter, juicy chicken, and fresh slaw.

    15. BBQ Pulled Chicken at Simplethings

    Two words: PRETZEL BUN. One more word: DELICIOUS. Simplethings has a way of taking even more rich, heavy sandwiches like BBQ chicken and making them still feel fresh and light. The pickled onions and arugula are especially great additions in this particular offering.

    16. Fat Jerry at Fat Sal's

    This sandwich, like most of the fare at Fat Sal's, is more of a challenge than a meal. Here's the roll call of what comes on this sandwich: cheesesteak, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, bacon, fried egg, french fries, mayo, ketchup, and salt and pepper. Put it on your bucket list.

    17. Short Rib Melt at Joan's on Third

    Joan's on Third is practically an LA institution already, what with all the amazing food found on their menu. The short rib melt is probably the richest and most flavorful of their sandwiches, though there are plenty more to choose from, all of them a hit.

    18. Ice Cream Sandwich at Diddy Riese

    After finishing your delicious sandwich, why not get another sandwich, of the dessert variety? Hit up Diddy Riese for the best damn ice cream sandwiches in town, with fresh-baked cookies. You can customize your sandwich, choosing the flavor of ice cream and the type of cookies you want. Vanilla with chocolate chip? Classic. Coffee with one white chocolate macadamia cookie and one M&M cookie? Daring! The best part is the price: just $2 for a sandwich.