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17 Puns That Might Take You A Second

"I wrote a song about a tortilla. Actually it's more of a wrap."

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1. This pun is a-stone-ishing.

2. This one doesn't fall flat.

3. This pun doesn't carol that it's long.

4. This one makes me a bit un-kampf-ortable.

5. This is a pun of Olympic proportions.

6. Put this one up on your Instagrammar.

7. This is a hot one.

8. You won't be able to wipe this one from your memory.

9. This one will make your sides split.

10. This one is tough to face.

11. There's a lot of buzz about this pun.

12. They might just be winging it with this one.

13. This pun is fire.

14. Try not to get in the weeds figuring this one out.

15. This one's just plain criminal.

16. It's tough to make puns that are current.

17. This was a lot of puns, but try not to let it bug you.

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