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    Updated on Jul 14, 2018. Posted on Jul 14, 2018

    "Boaty McBoatface" Launched Today But They Gave It A Different Name

    It's the will of the people!


    YOU GUYS. It turns out that, in a nod to the poll, they named a submersible Boaty McBoatface and it's being used in conjunction with the ship. So mark that down as a small victory for Boaty.

    Matt Cardy / Getty Images

    The original article is below:

    Remember in 2016 when people voted on a poll to name a research ship "Boaty McBoatface?"

    Well, the ship just launched today, and I'm VERY upset because they didn't name it "Boaty McBoatface" at all!

    There she goes! 🚢 🌊 The RRS Sir David Attenborough - the UK's polar ship known to some as Boaty McBoatface - is launched into the River Mersey.

    Instead, they named it the RRS Sir David Attenborough, after the famous TV presenter and naturalist, known for his work narrating Planet Earth.

    Now, we all love Sir David Attenborough. But c'mon, Boaty McBoatface was the clear winner and also the best name for a ship that anyone's ever thought of!

    look, we voted for boaty mcboatface, it’s the will of the people, boatface means boatface, it doesn’t matter if it’s a ridiculous outcome from a poll that never should have existed, you have to respect the people’s choice for a hard boatface result

    Naturally, people are upset. Especially since, at the launch, the ship looked like it actually had a face.

    Adding insult to injury, they even gave the boat that's definitely not called Boaty McBoatface AN ACTUAL FACE WHEN IT LAUNCHED

    Alas. RIP Boaty McBoatface, and these other names that also made the poll and were rejected:

    Congratulations RRS David Attenborough! A little while ago I obtained the full results of the Boaty McBoatface vote. Rejected names included: - Cheeky Nandos - Full Communism - Malvinas Argentinas - SAIL HYDRA - Diana, Princess of Wales

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