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Don't Drink Anything While Reading These Tumblr Posts, Because You're Gonna Snort-Laugh At Least Once

"What has four letters and is very hard?" "Math."

1. The post enhanced by Adobe® Photoshop® software:

2. The post about the economics of the uterus:

3. The post where everyone got arrested:

4. The post with vastly erroneous penguin size estimates:

5. The post with very hard things:

6. The post about Up, kinda:

7. The post about the bear who wants his honey:

8. The post about Southern humidity:

9. The post that makes ~scents~:

10. The post about cute names:

11. The post about the calendar:

12. The post about Haddaway:

13. The pure and wholesome but kinda aggressive post:

14. The post that places Juggalos:

15. The post with everyone's college major:

16. The post that can't believe it's not butter:

17. The post about a thief:

18. And finally, the post about a $238 shirt: