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17 Times People Witnessed A Damn Murder On The Internet

Nothing like a good ol' online clapback.

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1. The person who tried to pass a law:

slenclerman / Tumblr / Via

2. The person who tried to rank clowns:

gamgee / Tumblr / Via

3. The person who was offended:

@DothTheDoth / Twitter / Via Twitter: @DothTheDoth

4. And Waluigi, who was also offended:

almostdoneloading / Tumblr / Via

5. The person whose dick got wrecked, and not in a good way:

phoenixfire-thewizardgoddess / Tumblr / Via

6. The person who walked right into it:

methodguy / Tumblr / Via

7. The person who tried a pick-up line:

psyducked / Tumblr / Via

8. The person who got what they asked for:

knowyournewmeme / Tumblr / Via

9. Walmart:

fangirl221b / Tumblr / Via

10. The person who needed to get tested:

j5h / Tumblr / Via

11. The person who was just trying to live like Oprah:

thebootydiaries / Tumblr / Via

12. The person who tried to hijack a post:

egobirth / Tumblr / Via

13. The person who made this poetic graphic:

supernaturaldelay / Tumblr / Via

14. The person who was definitely not in 4th grade:

taint3ed / Tumblr / Via

15. The dude who didn't make the trip the next year:

@Blackamazon / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Blackamazon

16. The person who just wanted followers:

robloxgf / Tumblr / Via

17. And finally, the person who actually burned themself:

the-man-who-sold-za-warudo / Tumblr / Via

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