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    23 Exceptionally Weird Things People Found At Thrift Stores

    Why do so many of these things have teeth on them?

    1. A horrific vase, price unknown.

    2. A jean couch. A jouch. Only $5!

    3. Various nightmare-inducing baby-head sculptures, $4 and up.

    4. This nice piece of art, price unknown.

    5. Salt and pepper shakers that make you think of things you don't want to think of while eating, $3.

    6. Nudist frog with confusing anatomy, price unknown.

    7. Shot glass that inexplicably has two turtles having sex on it, price unknown.

    8. Purse made from the hand of a creature slain in the depths of Mordor, $75.

    9. NASCAR-themed romance novels, $0.50 each.

    10. A 5,000-coat block of paint layers, $3.

    11. A poop journal, price unknown.

    12. Frighteningly friendly taxidermy, price unknown.

    13. An extremely chaotic "Smooth Criminal" shirt, price unknown.

    14. Incredibly inappropriate Switzerland sweatshirt, price unknown.

    15. Food bowl for crotch-sniffing dogs, price unknown.

    16. Emphatic chip and dip bowl, man! $2.

    17. A hornet's nest. Just...just an old hornet's nest, $35.

    18. Water pitcher with too many teeth, price unknown.

    19. Goldblum shrine, price varies (unless you wanna buy the whole thing at once).

    20. A bobblehead that lost its bobble head, $0.70.

    21. Slightly threatening, grammatically incorrect clown mug, price unknown.

    22. Burned and probably cursed doll, $185.

    23. And finally...Minion Wonder Woman shirt, $4.