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    "Game Of Thrones" Drawn As "Bob's Burgers" Characters Is The Crossover You Need

    Now we just need to see Hot Pie in a burger suit, holding a megaphone.

    So, Game of Thrones is pretty great.

    And Bob's Burgers is pretty great.

    So naturally, the two needed to be combined to make something SUPER great.

    Here are the Starks, with an appropriately angry-looking Arya.

    And the Lannisters, where Joffrey looks like a dickhead even as a cartoon.

    All the Targaryens and their supporters are here, with Jorah still looking a bit like a lost puppy.


    Everyone at the Night's Watch (Olly still quite punchable).

    All the sneaks on the Small Council.

    The various warriors of Dorne.

    Reek is still looking very Reek.

    Prostitutes, naturally.

    People we sincerely hope are not dead.

    And Hot Pie, who would look great in a burger costume and holding a megaphone.

    Of course the art spawned some Thrones-themed burger puns on Reddit that would be perfect for Bob's chalkboard menu.

    And this crossover quote, which is spot-on.

    You can see more of Alex's Game of Thrones/Bob's Burgers crossovers, including the Hound and Brienne, in this Reddit post.