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    17 Clever Signs That Are Unexpectedly Funny

    The people who made these signs deserve raises.

    1. This coffee shop sign that shrugs off the haters:

    I can hear the review now. Lol from funnysigns

    2. This sign that absolutely tears into anti-maskers:

    The Karen Spot from funnysigns

    3. This sign that knows exactly what the problem was:

    We all know that one guy... from funnysigns

    4. This sign that knows the struggle of trying to decipher that prescription slip:

    Doctors be like from funnysigns

    5. This strip club that took the opportunity for a pun:

    Strip clubs Quarantined sign from funnysigns

    6. This poster for a beloved family pet:

    Roomba on the run! from funnysigns

    7. This bar sign that...actually makes perfect sense:

    Those are the rules from funnysigns

    8. This bookstore sign that looks on the bright side:

    Are u cold? from funnysigns

    9. This sign that comes with a very important warning:

    Explosive realization from funnysigns

    10. This very relatable sign:

    Found locally... can relate from funnysigns

    11. This sign that really tells a story:

    Dammit, Abby! from funny

    12. This sign with an epic pun:

    This synagogue sign in Toronto from funny

    13. This sign that comes as a relief, honestly:

    wonder how many times someone knocked before the sign was made from funny

    14. This sign that proves graphic designers have a great sense of humor:

    The sign on my husbands graphic design department from funny

    15. This sign from a parent who just wants things to be easier:

    I have six kids. This is by the door on the way out. from funny

    16. This sign that illustrates an important point very colorfully:

    This sign in the bathroom at my college from funny

    17. And finally, this sign that is VERY ~2020~:

    Bookstore’s Closed Sign in Seattle from funny

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