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Updated on Sep 1, 2019. Posted on Aug 26, 2019

18 People Who Were Just So, So Naive

Honestly, it's amazing to find a single innocent person on the internet these days.

1. The person who knew their anatomy:

2. The person who misunderstood the lyrics:

3. The person who knew exactly what kind of nut they meant:

4. The person who was all about academics:

5. The person who thought everyone had wandering eyeballs:

6. The person who just wanted generous parents:

7. Whoever made this wooden sign for the craft store:

8. The person who traveled to Toronto:

9. The person who just loved dogs:

10. The person who couldn't figure out who this collar was for:

11. The person who was worried about the meal:

12. The person who just liked saying "rawr":

13. The person who obviously drinks water, duh:

14. The person who thought it was just culinary therapy:

15. The people who were wildly off-base:

16. The person who didn't know why everyone was cool with cannibalism:

17. The sibling who was very pro-nap:

18. And finally, the person who only had eyes for bacon:

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