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23 Times Feminists Had The Perfect Comeback

Taking down misogynists on the internet since always.

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2. When someone called out this dude's hypocrisy.


3. When this person actually terrified a guy with her comeback.

4. When bra visibility wasn't the real problem.

7. When this ~charming~ argument was called into question.


8. When they pointed out who's really overemotional.

10. When a 1970s feminist had the perfect response to a sexist ad.

12. When a "friend-zoned guy" was put in his place.


13. When this GIF comic was the only thing that could describe this burn.

15. When this genius came up with the best way to respond to a request for nudes.


18. When this guy was clearly in a school band.

22. When an "anti-feminist" got burned so bad you could feel it through the screen.


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