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    16 Photos That Sum Up Being On Facebook

    Why are there so many Minions memes on here?

    1. Minions memes:

    A Minions meme posted on Facebook that says "if you fart in public, yell jet power and start walking faster"

    2. People on Marketplace who just don't seem to get how things work:

    A buyer on Facebook Marketplace asks if something is available, but when the seller responds, the buyer says to leave them alone and they will contact the attorney general

    3. Interaction bait:

    A Facebook post with a typed-out conversation between God and Satan that insinuates that only God's children will comment "amen" and share the post

    4. Inappropriate jokes posted by your aunt that are inexplicably from a page called "Minions Quotes":

    A joke from a page called "Minions Quotes" that says "butt plugs are all fun and games until you fart and shoot the cat"

    5. Seriously, just...why are there so many Minions:

    A particularly horrendous Minions meme that goes through what the various bra size letters stand for, for example DD is "double dang"

    6. Weird apps that are clearly trying to steal your info but people use them anyway:

    A screenshot of some kind of Facebook app where you have a conversation with the Coronavirus, the woman here is relieved because it tells her it's "only infecting unfaithful women"

    7. Wildly mispriced items on Marketplace:

    An original Nintendo that's listed on Marketplace for $500,000

    8. Casual misogyny in the form of bad jokes:

    A joke that says you'll only understand women when you understand why pizza is round but cut into triangles and put in a square box

    9. Blatant misinformation in meme form, especially using George Carlin:

    A meme that says the government banned an almond tree because it prevents and treats cancer, but a commenter points out that it's not banned; it's regulated because the almonds contain a high level of cyanide

    10. Grandparents who just barely understand how this whole thing works:

    11. Commenters being confidently and wildly incorrect:

    A commenter ranting about how Obamacare is gone but the Affordable Care Act is still there and you can't get a cell phone through Obamacare anymore

    12. People using photos as profile pics that are not a photo of their face:

    A post announcing a "complicated relationship" between two people but their profile pictures are a dog and a baby

    13. Jokes that go over people's heads:

    A joke posted on Facebook: "as my friend was dying he handed me his epi-pen, it seemed important to him that i have it" and all the commenters are offering condolences for his loss

    14. Unhelpful comments:

    A posted photo of a plant asking "please name this plant" and a commenter saying "George"

    15. Adorably nosy grandparents:

    A grandmother commenting on her grandson's relationship announcement post saying "oh my goodness"

    16. And finally, this guy:

    A meme about how guys in their 50s all post the same profile picture with an unflattering close-up of their face