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    You'll Only Get These Comics If You're A Big Harry Potter Fan

    Nobody can escape the Dumbleburn.

    When you think of Albus (Percival Wulfric Brian) Dumbledore, you probably think of a kind, wise headmaster.

    But one artist has been showing a different side of Dumbledore — one that might explain some of his choices.

    This version of Dumbledore has lessons of wisdom that are a little less wise, and he doesn't always make the best decisions.

    Like why he required signed permission slips for Hogsmeade but not for ALL THE STUFF THAT MIGHT KILL STUDENTS.

    Or why he couldn't just ring a doorbell.

    Really, he was really pretty cavalier about Harry's safety in general.

    Plus, as terrible as the Dursleys were, he didn't really take their feelings into account.

    And as much as we all love Hagrid, he was totally not qualified to teach either.

    Dumbledore also seemed to hand out points to Gryffindor whenever he felt like it.

    He pretty much always played favorites with the houses.

    Also, the fact that Flitwick changes appearance midway through the comic is a stroke of genius.

    Thank goodness this version of Dumbledore has plenty of sass for Snape to make up for it.

    And he Dumbleburns Malfoy pretty bad.

    (Maybe a little too much).

    There's no room for mercy when Dumbledore is on a roll.

    Dumbleburn 4 lyfe.

    You can check out more of the artist's hilarious work on her Tumblr.