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24 Things All "Harry Potter" Fans Can Agree On

She said "calmly," Dumbledore. Calmly.

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1. You’re not a ~true~ fan if you haven’t read the books.

Dallas Epperson / Via Flickr: dallas-epperson

Seriously. You people who only watched the movies are missing out. There are so many incredible moments and details that the movies just didn’t have time for, and we’re not just talking about overly detailed descriptions of feasts and clothing construction (looking at you, George R.R. Martin).

2. Book Ginny is better than Movie Ginny.

Gemdoyle / Via

Sorry, Bonnie Wright. It’s not your fault, it’s the writers’ fault. Maybe it was a matter of cutting for time, but pretty much all Harry Potter fans can agree that Book Ginny was fierce AF while Movie Ginny was kinda meh.

3. Umbridge is worse than Voldemort.

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There is one true villain in this series, and it’s not the evil wizard determined to rule the world. It’s the lady with the cat plates. Be honest with yourself: Which one filled you with a burning hatred that you couldn't ignore?

4. Harry would be dead at least 20 times over if it weren't for Hermione.

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Like, read a book every once in a while, Harry. If you worked half as hard as Hermione at being a well-studied wizard, you could have killed Voldemort three books earlier.

5. Let's be real, Dumbledore most definitely loved Gryffindor the most.

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At some points, it's like he didn't even try to hide his favoritism.

6. The movies could have only benefited from Peeves.

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Sure, Fred and George filled some of the void left by the absence of Peeves’ pranks, but there’s really nothing better than a poltergeist dropping Snargaluff pods on Death Eaters during the Battle of Hogwarts.

7. The absence of S.P.E.W. is just such an absolute shame.

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TBH, Hermione's organization was a pretty big part of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

8. Harry was terrible at naming his children.

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So many better options out there than Albus Severus, Harry.

9. Dumbledore would have never berated Harry about putting his name in the Goblet of Fire.

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It's just not in his character. Sorry.

10. Like, he was legitimately the complete opposite of “calm.”

Who knows what they were all going for while filming that scene, but someone probably should have raised their hand and bee like, "nope."

11. And Harry Potter fans will literally never get over it. Ever.

We just can't do it. It's not right.

12. Malfoy seriously need a hug in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

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Malfoy isn't anyone's real enemy. Yes, he's a bully — but look at who his father is. He was going through a lot, and he really just needed someone to support and love him.

13. It’s still hard to not get angry when you think about Peter Pettigrew getting away in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

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Honestly, they probably should have kept a tighter grip on him so that he wouldn’t escape and, you know, help the Dark Lord come back to try and kill Harry.

14. And it probably wouldn't have happened if Sirius had gotten to his point sooner when he was in the Shrieking Shack.

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If a bunch of people are wrongfully accusing you of being a murderer and you’re trying to clear your name, yelling “ONLY ONE WILL DIE TONIGHT” in front of teenagers who think you're guilty is not the best idea.

15. Fred’s death will always be devastatingly sad.

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Because you know he had so much more to see, do, and love in this world.

16. It’s basically impossible to think about Lupin and Tonks without getting sad about Teddy growing up without his parents.

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Their love was beautifully genuine and you just know they would have been wonderful, wonderful parents to their son.

17. It is now impossible to see Dobby without wanting to cry.

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Seriously, even if you see him alive in the second movie, you still start crying because you KNOW what’s going to happen and it’s NOT FAIR.

18. The scene in the final film when Voldemort and Harry jump into nothingness together is really silly and weird.

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And the more times you watch the scene, the weirder it gets.

19. Voldemort’s death in the movie completely missed the point.

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In the books, Voldemort’s spell rebounds once again in a moment of narrative symmetry, hitting him and causing him to fall to the floor with a thud. It’s clear that Rowling wanted to show that, at this point, Voldemort was a mortal like anyone else, not some grand invincible figure.

So when the movies made him slowly dissolve in a burst of magical dust after an epic Dragonball-Z-style wand duel, it was pretty much the opposite of Rowling’s intent.

20. J.K. Rowling is queen.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Even ignoring the fact that she wrote the greatest stories of all time, Rowling keeps proving on her Twitter that she should be Queen of Earth.

21. J.K. Rowling is also a monster.*

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Not only did she kill all of the people we love — WHY, J.K., WHY?! — she has a habit of spinning the canon wheel.

*Not really. We love you, J.K.!

22. Dame Maggie Smith is perfection.

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And she shall be queen if Rowling ever abdicates the throne.

23. Harry Potter has changed our lives for the better.

J.K. Rowling: I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you. Because no author could have asked for a more wonderful diverse and loyal readership.

24. And we will love it forever.

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And ever and ever and ever.

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