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Don't Watch "Rent" As An Adult Or You'll Realize How Annoying It Is

Seriously, how did you think you could live in New York and not pay rent for years on end?

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Rent is one of Broadway's most successful and beloved musicals, which was turned into an also-beloved movie.

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For those unfamiliar with the story, it revolves around tenants living in an abandoned building in New York City who are forced to either pay rent or move out when their former roommate buys up the block.


Yes, of course, there's the fact that Benny said they "were golden," as Roger put it, but that's no excuse.

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If anything, the tenants should be happy that they got to live rent-free for that long in one of the most expensive cities in the world, count it as a win, and move on.

Entitlement runs deep in this group of friends, even among those who don't live in the building. Here's what the host says at the restaurant they go to after inciting a friendly neighborhood riot:


Homelessness is a serious problem, Mark. But you are an able-bodied, young white male with a clearly loving family. You can get a damn side job.

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Oh wait, you get offered a nice job in your chosen industry but you turn it down so that you can keep making your crappy Super 8 student films. Out-of-focus shots of random pedestrians isn't art, Mark.

Also, maybe Benny would be more amenable to your continued tenancy if you didn't dump barrels of burning paper off your balcony every time someone told you to live by society's basic tenets.