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    18 "Boys Will Be Boys" Moments That Are Actually Good And Pure

    Let's change the meaning of "boys will be boys" to this kind of thing.

    1. Boys will drunkenly sing "Baby Shark" to delight a little kid:

    Bunch of drunk guys sing baby shark to a little girl in the subway during Carnival in Rio (before covid) from MadeMeSmile

    2. Boys will go to great lengths for harmless yet hilarious pranks:

    Boys will be boys from Unexpected

    3. Boys will sing a sea shanty:

    A new challenger has arrived, and his name is Promise:

    Twitter: @Peter_Fries

    4. Boys will buy both "flavors" of tampons:

    when u ask ur boyfriend to buy u tampons

    Twitter: @broganpaget
    A text from a Twitter user's boyfriend with a pic of him holding a yellow box and a green box of Tampax, asking "do you want the lemon or lime?"

    5. Boys will be good scouts:

    Me and the boys made Guy Scouts and we are thriving I just got a badge for having too many HDMI cables and Dave got a badge for emotional honesty

    Twitter: @ronnui_

    6. Boys will raise the stakes:

    Guy narrates dogs play fighting by playing piano from MadeMeSmile

    7. Boys will make friends:

    Twitter: @zachportman

    8. Boys will die laughing over the silliest things:

    Everyone has that one friend from JustGuysBeingDudes

    9. Boys will bake:

    So I shared my brownie recipe with my guy friends and they decide the best way to mix the dry ingredients...was with an oar...

    10. Boys will make highlight reels for each other:

    Just pro bros keeping the ballon up from JustGuysBeingDudes

    11. Boys will form a fellowship:

    Fellas this fall is all about Lord of the Rings masculinity That's right, we're going on long journeys with the guys We're swearing oaths to our buddies And if you say goodbye without a soft forehead kiss then buddy you fucked up

    12. Boys will laugh at each others' dumb jokes:

    Amazing magic trick. from ContagiousLaughter

    13. Boys will jump in puddles:

    Y’all look what my lil brother just sent me 🤣💀

    14. Boys will be faithful:

    So my BOYFRIEND comes home last night absolutely smashed, gets undressed and then just stands there in my room. So I'm like are you coming to bed? And he goes "no thank you, I'm sure you're lovely but I have a girlfriend" and goes to sleep on the floor 😭😭😭

    15. Boys will sing pub songs:

    16. Boys will make silly videos:


    17. Boys will be loud:

    18. And finally, boys will boys:

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