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    This Artist Made Visual Representations Of Social Media Apps And They're Spot-On

    It's a metaphor, you see?

    Like it or not, social media is a pretty unavoidable part of life now.

    Artist and designer Ben Fearnley wanted to examine how people interact with sites/apps like Facebook and Twitter.

    The result: these stunning 3D illustrations of "sculptures" that represent the major social media brands.

    Fearnley created these illustrations with the specific traits of each platform in mind. For example, Facebook has a bit of a voyeuristic connotation to it.

    Then there's Twitter, which is a giant megaphone...and yes, those are hashtags pouring out the bottom.

    Snapchat is especially tongue-in-cheek: The shredder concept obviously represents how Snaps disappear...

    ...But the note on the side makes a statement about the kind of content you get on Snapchat, 99% of the time.

    And finally there's Instagram, which is a heaping pile of likes to "Insta-feed your ego."

    Fearnley notes that he uses social media plenty himself, so this project isn't meant to denigrate the platforms or people who use them.

    You can check out more of Ben's colorful work on his Instagram.