18 People Who Hated Movies For All The Wrong Reasons

    The Wolf of Wall Street: "There were no wolves in this movie. One star."

    1. Titanic: Saw the end coming a mile away.

    2. The Wolf of Wall Street: Shockingly short on wolves.

    3. Cinderella: It's like it's made for kids or something.

    4. Interstellar: Unrealistic farming techniques.

    5. The Incredibles: Unrealistic body proportions on animated superheroes.

    6. Mad Max: Fury Road: Not angry enough.

    7. Amy: Apparently terrible even without watching it.

    8. Fifty Shades of Grey: Unrealistic parking expectations.

    9. Big Hero 6: Where are the other five movies?

    10. Air Bud: Golden Receiver: Discourages young athletes.

    11. Blues Brothers: Will make you feel better about 9/11.

    12. Deadpool: Too much rap (in the trailer).

    13. The Martian: Too many black scientists.

    14. Frozen: Structurally unsound snowmen.

    15. The Good Dinosaur: Dinosaur's moral compass was questionable.

    16. Ip Man: Not about TCP/IP settings.

    17. Minions: Promotes the worship of evil.

    18. The Shining: Way too scary.

    H/T to Amazon Movie Reviews for these gems.