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    Updated on Oct 1, 2018. Posted on Sep 29, 2018

    A Scientist Asked What You Would Do With Your Last 30 Days On Earth, And People Had Jokes

    "Probably still Netflix."

    Astrophysics professor and planetary scientist Antonio Paris took a deep question to Twitter the other day: If the world was going to end in 30 days, what would you do?

    If we only had 30 days left before extinction ... what would you do?

    1. Some people really considered the question and came up with a thoughtful answer:

    If your answer is to spend time with family, that's probably a subconscious sign that you don't spend enough time with them now. I spend enough time with my family. I would probably travel to a bunch of cool places and do exciting things.

    2. Others, well:

    Probably still Netflix.

    3. But if we're being honest, we'd all just skip our boring responsibilities, right?

    4. Watch some of our favorite movies, eat all of our favorite junky foods...this guy gets it:

    Watch a Star Wars marathon and eat as many Twinkies as I could.

    5. Maybe scam some large corporations. Why not?

    @AntonioParis Subscribe to all the 30 day free trials that ask for credit cards

    6. I can tell you what I would NOT do. A Whole 30!

    whole 30 for sure

    7. I would also make sure the last song I ever heard wasn't Nickelback, though I appreciate the effort here:

    On day 30 I’d play “If Today Was Your Last Day” by Nickelback on repeat.

    8. TBH, a lot of Twitter's answers were pretty relatable:

    Probably worry for 30 days

    9. Anyone with a shellfish allergy feels this one DEEPLY:

    @AntonioParis Stuff myself with crab cakes on day 29 (I'm allergic)

    10. Of course, you could also go the Jor-El route:

    @AntonioParis Build an escape pod to send my infant to an alien world, where he’ll have godlike power.

    11. 😂😂😂

    Probably win the lottery on day 29

    12. Nope, cancel everything. This guy has the best idea and we're all doing this:

    probably make an elaborate statue/shrine to like hoobastank or some other shitty band so that whoever discovers the ruins of our species thinks we were all SUPER into hoobastank and calls us the hoobastanks

    Check out more responses on Prof. Paris's tweet.

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