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Please Enjoy These Twitter Stories That Are Long But Worth The Read

We haven't verified any of these; so suspend your disbelief, sit back, and enjoy.

1. The story of the Starbucks zombies that maybe happened, but maybe not.

2. The story about the Times Square Olive Garden knife fight that we sincerely hope is true but idk.

3. The story of the purse poop that is almost too wild to be real.

4. The story of the cheater confrontation that is just so delicious it has to be fake.

5. The story of the old-man date that is a serious roller coaster, if true.

6. The story of the café crush that seems unlikely, but hey, we all want to believe in love.

7. The story of the doll who got her own plane ticket — with photos — but one we still hope isn't real.

8. The story that, if true, is the pettiest office fight of all time.

9. And finally, the story of the woman who damn near lived in a horror house, if the tale can be believed.