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    Posted on Oct 12, 2015

    53 Thoughts I Had While Watching "The Walking Dead" Season 6 Premiere


    1. Holy hell that's a lot of walkers.


    3. Morgan and his stick are my new favorite thing.

    4. This might be the most epic scene we've had in the series thus far. The scale of it is awesome.

    5. It's been a while since we've seen black & white on this show! Looks like it's denoting time differences here. Very Breaking Bad season two of them.

    6. "You were wrong." Damn right, Gabriel. You also suck. You're the new Lori.

    7. Glenn is too nice for the zombie apocalypse.

    Gene Page / AMC

    You're too nice, dude.

    8. "Thank god. Nothing happened to your hair." TARA AWW.

    9. "Somebody want to send Noah in here to protect me?" Um.

    10. "I don't take chances anymore." That's a nice way of describing what you do, Rick.


    12. OK I know they're marked by the Wolves but I always just think of Wario when I see the W zombies.

    AMC / Nintendo

    It's uncanny.

    13. "Gotta get to know each other for the first time again."

    14. Hi new people who were suspiciously gone for the past couple weeks. I don't trust you.

    15. They're gonna dump Pete off a bridge? That's satisfying.

    16. "Let the trees have him." THAT'S COLD, DEANNA.

    17. Deanna has caught onto this new "let's be tough and mean" thing pretty quickly.

    18. "You always think there's one more peanut butter left." Michonne dropping wisdom. That shit's deep.

    Gene Page / AMC


    19. We're getting a major angel/devil on the shoulder thing with Rick and Morgan here. Or maybe Jacob and Man in Black?

    20. Got DAMN Morgan is badass now.

    21. Daryl's zombie parade is kinda cracking me up.

    22. Daryl's Zombie Parade would be a great band name.

    23. Ohhh, so they're sliding down the hill into the quarry. They're all in a big zombie bowl. Heh. Zombie bowl.

    24. We need to cut down on the angsty teenagers on this show by about 100%.

    25. Nicholas better not fuck this up now.

    26. Listen to Glenn, New Guy. Why doesn't anyone listen to Glenn? Is it the mustache?

    27. "I was supposed to be delivering pizzas, man." Aww, remember season one Glenn when he had his hat and stuff?

    28. Carol's still manipulating like a boss and I love it.

    29. I dunno man, Carter kinda sucks but reinforcing the exits sounds like a pretty good plan.

    30. What if like, they started a really big zombie bowl fire? There's only one or two ways out of that quarry, it seems like there's a better solution here to block it off.

    31. "I'd like to help as well." "NO. WHO ELSE." Rick shut that down faster than literally anything.

    32. Pretty bold of Daryl to do this on that rickety old bike put together with spare parts. That thing is held together with zip ties, man.

    33. I'm calling it. Daryl's Zombie Parade is now a meme.

    AMC / Via

    34. Ethan Embry makes some very good points about the flaws in this plan. Classic Rick plan.


    36. Oh god no pile of bodies no. Pile of bodies plus zombies plus wall equals bad.

    37. These walkers are very nicely sticking to the pavement.

    38. Give him all the water you want, Carol. Rick is thirsty, but not for water.

    39. "Glenn saves people. Even people like that." THAT MIGHT GET HIM KILLED THO.

    40. Oh shit Morgan is onto Carol.

    41. I ship Morgan and Carol.

    Gene Page / AMC

    Make it happen, AMC.

    42. Abraham is kinda losing it a little.

    43. Carter was plotting against Rick. Not smart, Carter.

    44. "See, I would've set up some lookouts." Rick's sass game is on point.

    45. Oh fuck there goes Carter. CARTER YOU DONE FUCKED IT UP.

    46. "I wanted to kill him." Well Rick, now you know how we feel about your son.

    47. "You doin' this because you wanna die?" Abraham getting real AF with Sasha.

    48. I'm getting a really bad feeling about Glenn. Nicholas hasn't fucked up yet. He's bound to fuck up. Glenn can't be this nice and survive. I'm worried.


    50. It's like when a car alarm is going off outside your apartment but like at least 55% worse.

    51. What if it was Gabriel? Or Carl? I mean it's probably the Wolves but if this is somehow one of the shitty teenagers' fault, I'm done.

    52. WHO DID THIS?

    53. #HornGate

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