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    31 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Only Feminists Will Get

    "My favorite mythical creatures are the happy girls in tampon commercials."

    1. This important revelation.

    2. This turning of the tables.

    3. This summary of female characters in movies and TV.

    4. This refusal to adhere to gender expectations in public spaces.

    5. This elegant solution to the Halloween problem.

    6. This story of a revolutionary high schooler.

    7. This ridiculous hypocrisy.

    8. This wake-up call about the way we treat rape victims.

    9. This verb you didn't know you needed.

    10. This accurate parody of "meninist" arguments.

    11. This response to a piece of sexist, cliché dialogue.

    12. This amazing brainstorm about tampon commercials.

    13. This declaration of freedom (and panda legs).

    14. This takedown of school dress codes.

    15. This call to arms.

    16. This.

    17. This illustration of why health class is important.

    18. This plot twist.

    19. This pondering about 1080p titty.

    20. When someone got defensive without even reading.

    21. This intense Fox News burn.

    22. This comparison.

    23. This accurate representation of unwanted sexting.

    24. This story about radical feminists.

    25. This takedown of the useless social construct that is female virginity.

    26. This flipping of the script concerning women and video games.

    27. This response to catcalling.

    28. This illustration of how ridiculous gender-targeted jokes can be.

    29. This rebranding of sluttiness.

    30. This epic stand.

    31. And finally, this incredible comic from artist Kate Beaton about the arguments that feminists ~supposedly~ make.

    Kate Beaton / Via