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26 Times "How I Met Your Mother" Made You Laugh Uncontrollably

"Pleased to meet you, Captain. I'm Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville."

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11. When Ted had the best vegan diss.

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"I'm a vegan. I wish I could tune out that moral voice inside me that says eating animals is murder, but I guess I'm not as strong as you are."

"That's because you need protein."

16. When Marshall couldn't believe his ears.

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"She's never seen Star Wars? Ted, the only people in the universe who haven't seen Star Wars are the characters in Star Wars."

22. When Robin and Lily made an excellent analogy.

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"Guys are like the subway. You miss one, another one comes along in five minutes."

"Unless it's the end of the night, and then you get on anything."

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