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    26 Tumblr Posts About "Star Wars" Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    "Poe hot Dameron, this is my jam-eron."

    1. When they imagined a Stormtrooper with a kink.

    2. When they realized that our heroes are becoming less prepared.

    3. When they got this song stuck in your head.

    4. When they gave the titles the "Fast & Furious" treatment.

    5. When Anakin tried to distance himself.

    6. When the movie's science won out.

    7. When they couldn't let the Poe/Finn ship go.

    8. When they gave away some spoilers.

    9. Like, at all.

    10. When they noticed BB-8 was keeping an eye out.

    11. When they called out Kylo Ren's histrionics.

    12. When they figured out why young Jedi want to be Sith.

    13. When they came up with this cross-over.

    14. When they imagined what Qui-Gon's ghost life was like.

    15. When they imagined the inside of Kylo's mind.

    16. When they realized the Skywalkers were ruining everything.

    17. When they thanked the heavens for the lack of BB-8 porn.

    18. When they summed up seeing the new cast.

    19. When they summed the whole thing up.

    20. And summed up the bridge scene, too.

    21. When they knew what was really important.

    22. When they filled in the blanks Obi-Wan omitted.

    23. When they made this comparison.

    24. When they summed up the plot, Tumblr-style.

    25. When they saw through the conspiracy.

    26. And finally, when they made this amazing/terrible pun.