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24 Times "Grey's Anatomy" Went Way Too Far, Dammit

I can only take so much, Shonda.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community a very important Grey's Anatomy question: When did the show finally go too far? Here are their responses...

2. And everything else about George's death, TBH.


George's death was TOO MUCH. It was just too emotional for me, especially because George was such a phenomenal character. He deserved better, and I feel like the show should've given T.R. Knight a much greater role than what he got.


3. When Izzie was having sex with Denny's ghost.


Izzie's ghost-sex with tumor-hallucinated Denny. What even was that? She was a surgeon and "hallucination" barely crossed her mind as an explanation for her dead fiancé?



4. When Cristina was left at the altar.


When Burke fucking left Cristina at the altar and she physically had to be cut out of her wedding dress. Like, WTF? She was actually opening herself up to someone and he just straight-up dipped.


5. Oh, and when she got stabbed by an ICICLE.


When Cristina got stabbed with a fucking icicle. It's not a turning point or anything but the idea that an icicle that is heavy enough and sharp enough TO GO THROUGH A PERSON would fall just as someone had fallen over in just the right position that they would get hit but not die. Bullshit.



8. The plane crash (and every other time Meredith narrowly avoided death).


For me, it was the plane crash. It took jumping the shark to a new level. Honestly, how many disasters/tragedies can Meredith Grey survive before she decides that maybe it's a good idea to switch hospitals?


9. When Lexie died in the aforementioned plane crash.


I couldn't leave the house the day after Lexie died. I SHOULD have quit the show then, or when Mark died, or when Cristina left, but I stuck it out until McDreamy died, then I was absolutely done.


10. And when we thought Sloan was OK, but IT WAS A LIE.


After the crash, when Mark was in bad shape, and then better for like a day, and then in a coma, it was too much for me. When he died I was really upset. He and Lex deserved much better.


11. Whenever there was a really strange song choice.


There was this one episode in season 12...there were baby twins that this couple just had and they both ended up having tumors. They were trying to find a match for both babies but only found one. So while they are trying to figure out which baby to save in the background they are playing an acoustic cover of "No Scrubs." WORST SONG CHOICE EVER!!



13. When we cared so much about two random characters connected by a pole.


The one where a pole or tree or something was stabbed all the way through two people and they had to kill one of them to save the other, even though they were both entirely conscious and knew what was going on.


15. When George and Izzie starting dating, like, out of nowhere.


The whole George and Izzie relationship was the strangest and most awkward thing I have ever watched. Nothing about that storyline made sense.



16. When that serial killer made his episode really tough to watch.


Okay it doesn't really involve any of the main cast, but Season 5, Episode 12, when the serial killer gets brain surgery and then bashes his head on the bed over and over again to avoid execution on death row...why.


18. When April and Jackson lost their baby and everything went to shit.


The death of April and Jackson's son is, to this day, the worst thing that ever happened on Grey's Anatomy. To me, all the other deaths on the show were understandable, but Japril's baby's death went way too far. Why even make April and Jackson run away together if you're just going to ruin their lives? Why make April pregnant if you're just going to kill her child? Why, Shonda?



22. When not a single pregnancy could just go smoothly.


The fact that ALL of the characters' pregnancies have some kind of problem:

1. Bailey's husband gets in an accident and she doesn't want to push

2. Cristina has a miscarriage

3. (Not really a pregnancy but) Meredith and Derek go through a huge struggle to keep Zola

4. Meredith has a miscarriage

5. Callie gets in a crash and both her AND her baby have to fight to survive

6. The hospital's power goes out and Meredith nearly dies giving birth

7. April's baby dies

8. April goes into labor at Meredith's house and Warren has to perform a C-section

9. Meredith finds out she's pregnant after Derek's dead and nearly dies going into labor


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