24 Reasons Why Netflix Is The Most Important Thing In Your Life

    Nobody treats you as well as Netflix does.

    1. Netflix provides us all with hours of entertainment (even when it shouldn't).

    2. It makes it so much easier to hit the books.

    3. It saves you from dark times.

    4. Their categories are both specific and helpful.

    5. It basically makes you an athlete.

    6. They don't seem to care much about you sharing your account with friends and family.

    7. When the site glitches, it glitches spectacularly.

    8. Truly spectacularly.

    9. Netflix subtitles are on point.

    10. On POINT.

    11. So is its Twitter account, for that matter.

    12. Their customer service is pretty amazing too.

    13. Sometimes beyond amazing.

    14. And let's talk about their original shows, without which we wouldn't have Bojack Horseman.

    15. Or OITNB.

    16. Or this.

    17. Or this GIF.

    18. And have you ever stopped to really look at the default profile pic?

    19. It's kind of amazing.

    20. There's the fact that they changed the stars to bananas when you rate Arrested Development.

    21. Netflix also just makes it so easy to binge.

    22. And it makes it possible to ask this question.

    23. It helps spice up your marriage.

    24. So let's be thankful for Netflix. Because this is way too true: