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    24 Hilarious Posts That Only Gamers Will Understand

    It's a beautiful day outside...time to play video games with the windows open.

    1. This truth.

    2. This representation of villain logic.

    3. When your mom didn't understand that you have to wait for it to save.

    4. This horrible feeling.

    5. That thing you do when it's nice outside.

    6. The "lean."

    7. This, which sums up your loot lust.

    8. When the final boss has way too much HP.

    9. This joke, which gets more awkward the more you think about it.

    10. This correct observation.

    11. That feeling when you thought you had a handle on things.

    12. This heartbreaking feeling.

    13. This distribution of priorities.

    14. All those signs that things are about to get serious.

    15. This truth.

    16. When you're all like, "Let me just equip that new armor — wait NO STOP ATTACKING ME."

    17. This torture.

    18. When you switch genres and it takes a few hours to adjust.

    19. This clearly JRPG-inspired store display.

    20. When you're the only one alive in a team FPS.

    21. That feeling when you check your quest list.

    22. When you just wish all games could agree on a standard for extra life notation.

    23. When you realized you could get rid of annoying people IRL by using your video game knowledge.

    24. And finally, this incredible inception.