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23 Hilariously Savage Responses From Feminists

"The difference between period pains and getting kicked in the balls is one is a compulsory monthly event and the other is probably because you were being a dick."

1. When someone was given an epiphany.

2. When nobody was asking for an opinion.

3. Again, no opinion needed, thanks.

4. When the truth was laid out.

5. When Drake got called out.

6. When we all know what the real aim was.

7. When the two were really not comparable.

8. When the "biological clock" was working just fine.

9. When the best catcalling response happened by accident.

10. When YouTube needed to take a look in the mirror.

11. When classic quotes needed an update.

12. When feminism got a new etymology.

13. When women were just such mysteries.

14. When someone else might have been the problem all along.

15. When yeah, everybody totally had it rough.

16. When someone didn't think before he spoke.

17. When someone else REALLY didn't think before he spoke.

18. When basically every movie was summed up.

19. When high-waisted shorts were the real problem.

20. When "ya fine piece of dick" really needed to catch on.

21. When every woman in a new relationship was OK with having never seen Fight Club, so give it a rest.

22. When the commercial summaries were on point.

23. And finally, when Bill Nye gave a priceless gift.

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