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    22 Reasons Why Ben Wyatt From "Parks And Rec" Is Actually Your Soulmate


    1. Because in one line, he summed up the struggle of being a nerd.

    2. Because he tries to put up appearances when he can.

    3. Because he totally named his calculator.

    4. And makes plenty of calculator-related puns.

    5. Because he can really hold his liquor.

    6. Because he has many passions in life.

    7. Because he's the only one who doesn't ~get~ Lil' Sebastian.

    8. Because he looks out for Andy and April.

    9. Because he takes Game of Thrones as seriously as you do.

    10. And he had this hop-skip reaction to Leslie's anniversary present.

    11. Because he always tries his hardest to be supportive of Leslie.

    12. Because he measures time in ways that make perfect sense.

    13. Because of his irrational fear of cops...

    14. ...that led him to do this.

    15. Because he's great at confrontation.

    16. Because he understands your pain.

    17. Because he has excellent taste in music.

    18. Because he appreciates the important moments.

    19. Because he really knows how to treat himself.

    20. Because he worries about the same things you do.

    21. Because he was the only one who ever stood up for Jerry/Larry/Garry.

    22. And finally, because nobody loves Leslie quite like he does.