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22 Times Americans Confused The Hell Out Of Everyone On Tumblr


1. When America's welcome sign was a little too much.

2. When one exchange student learned how passionate America is about Bill Nye.

3. When an American explained what "8/7c" means.

4. When America admitted that its school months should probably change.

5. When America was ~violently~ American.

6. When there was a disagreement about what biscuits and gravy are.

7. When America could at least agree with the world on one thing.

8. When this happened.

9. When Canada knew how to summon America.

10. When an Australian tried to label the 50 states.

11. When this got cleared up...sorta.

12. When America opened an old wound.

13. When America's boring money was called into question.

14. When Brits and Americans learned about "quite."

15. When America revealed what their keyboards look like.

16. When a Brit tried a Hershey's bar for the first time.

17. When American culture was summed up.

18. When the Great Iced Tea Conflict happened.

19. And when America's tea habits nearly killed a woman.

20. When Canada had a fair retort.

21. When America just HAD to be different.

22. And finally, when the only country more confusing than America was France.