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    22 People Who Were Just Smooth AF

    Let these Don Juans of the internet teach you some pickup lines.

    1. This person, who is just trying to follow the rules.

    2. This person, who is sweeter than their name sounds.

    3. This scientist.

    4. This person with a Halloween-themed pickup line.

    5. This person with a very ~cultured~ pickup line.

    6. This person, who got all anatomical about it.

    7. This person, who got a little murdery with it.

    8. This iMessage genius.

    9. This student of love.

    10. The ambitious Slytherin in this story.

    11. This person with technical know-how.

    12. This culinary mastermind.

    13. This unbreakable optimist.

    14. This person, who turned a negative into a positive.

    15. This person, who stepped it up a notch.

    16. This poet.

    17. This movie buff.

    18. This kid, who knows the power of smooth jazz.

    19. This environmentalist.

    20. This excellent gift-giver.

    21. This elderly gentleman.

    22. And finally, this very honest person.