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22 People Who Were Just Smooth AF

Let these Don Juans of the internet teach you some pickup lines.

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1. This person, who is just trying to follow the rules.

steampoweredcupcake / Tumblr

2. This person, who is sweeter than their name sounds.

svveden / Tumblr

3. This scientist.

4. This person with a Halloween-themed pickup line.

i-am-lift / Tumblr

5. This person with a very ~cultured~ pickup line.

derpollo-justice / Tumblr

6. This person, who got all anatomical about it.

luigivevo / Tumblr

7. This person, who got a little murdery with it.

asongstress / Tumblr

8. This iMessage genius.

9. This student of love.

satans-fabulous-blog / Tumblr

10. The ambitious Slytherin in this story.

deanandthedemonbloodprince / Tumblr

11. This person with technical know-how.

its-jack-the-human / Tumblr

12. This culinary mastermind.

buttsandbarbells / Tumblr

13. This unbreakable optimist.

the-doctor-exists / Tumblr

14. This person, who turned a negative into a positive.

a-broken-clockwork-heart / Tumblr

15. This person, who stepped it up a notch.

thenarutotwerkteam / Tumblr

16. This poet.

allthingsivy / Tumblr

17. This movie buff.

saramofficial / Tumblr

18. This kid, who knows the power of smooth jazz.

ericapuff / Tumblr

19. This environmentalist.

5herlockholme5 / Tumblr

20. This excellent gift-giver.

believemeitsdouche / Tumblr

21. This elderly gentleman.

iwishihadafather / Tumblr

22. And finally, this very honest person.

ironarya / Tumblr

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