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    22 Things That'll Make You Laugh If You Love Some Dry, Snarky Humor

    Caution: This post contains near-lethal levels of snark.

    1. This Arby's sign, which went up after somebody drove through their front windows:

    2. This way-too-real response:

    3. This "exhibit" that went up at the zoo during construction:

    4. These nicknames:

    5. This little note:

    6. This series of pictures someone took in front of a warning sign:

    7. This mug, spotted in a doctor's office:

    8. This dessert, which a customer got after telling the waiter they wanted "nothing" for dessert:

    9. This emotional co-sign from Grampa:

    10. This heavily sarcastic no smoking sign:

    11. This sign that clearly states the consequences while using very few words:

    12. This regretful tweet:

    13. This clear misreading of a graph:

    14. This not-so-subtle note:

    15. This very helpful response:

    16. This grocery store section, with a sign that reads "Russian cuisine":

    17. This punny response to a misspelling:

    18. This ironic coloring job:

    19. This devastating burn:

    20. These callout posts for the zodiac crowd:

    21. This joke:

    22. And finally, this absolute masterclass in passive-aggressiveness: