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21 Times Everyone On Tumblr Was Like, "WTF America?"

"COLD TEA??? America WHAT are you DOING???"

1. When everyone wondered what the hell "8/7c" was.

2. When Americans had to explain that no, we're not usually on posters in our own high school.

3. When nothing made sense.

4. When absolutely everyone was confused about biscuits.

javvn / tumblr / Via

5. When we really nailed down American culture.

6. When one exchange student learned how passionate America is about Bill Nye.

7. When America admitted that we just haven't gotten around to changing some things.

8. When America's welcome sign was a bit...enthusiastic.

9. When people just couldn't help but make another metric system joke.

10. When the "U" was everything.

11. When America could at least agree with the world on one thing.

12. When glazed donut bacon cheeseburgers happened.

13. When this happened.

Snapchat / Via

14. When an Australian valiantly tried to label the states.

15. When this got cleared up...sorta.

16. When America started it up all over again.

17. When Brits and Americans learned about "quite."

18. When America typed with pure freedom.

19. When a Brit tried a Hershey's bar for the first time.

20. And when America's tea habits nearly killed a British woman.

21. And finally, when the Great Iced Tea Conflict happened.

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