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21 Signs That Have No Business Being This Funny

I wanna put up a sign congratulating all these signs on making me laugh.

1. Has anybody seen Abby? People are waiting for their Blizzards.

2. Don't bother looking for Joe, though.

3. A little sarcasm goes a long way in safety posters.

4. I feel like this sign was ghostwritten by Ron Swanson.

5. Informative AND catchy!

6. In 2019 we all use our blinkers. OK? OK.

7. There's a story behind this sign, and I wanna hear it.

8. This veterinarian's office needs to rein it in with the horse puns.

9. Congrajlashins to this sign for being funny.

10. This explains things much better than Yard Sard.

Spotted in Webster Groves: sign for a garage sale. Hilarious!!

11. It may be misleading, but it's ~technically~ not a lie.

12. Here's an excellent use of church signage from around the Super Bowl.

13. And here's one from a synagogue with a first-class Torah pun.

14. Poor Keith.

Saw this church sign this morning and have no idea how to take it other than as a serious burn. (I may never stop laughing.)

15. Always nitpick a sign's grammar to ensure you're following all the rules.

16. This is the most creative "please use other door" sign I've ever read.

17. This makes sense.

18. Sometimes you just need a sign that says that you don't need a sign.

Such a wonderful morning for a spring walk. This sign made me laugh out loud - the owner is certainly keen to make his/her point! @AGMcat

19. What about a very small bear?

20. When you mix librarians with signs, you're gonna get something clever.

21. And finally, if you can't think of anything to put on your sign, just go with puns.