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21 Tumblr Posts That'll Make You Think, "Why Does This Exist?"

This is what Yahoo! paid $1.1 billion for.

1. This small battle.

2. This thought experiment.

3. This accurate warning.

4. This language study.

5. These alternate lyrics.

6. And these ones.

7. This frickin' pun.

8. This post that shouldn't be funny but totally is.

9. This elaborate meal.

10. This fever dream of a text post.

11. The Saga of the Extraordinarily Long-Legged Woman.

12. This romantic drama.

13. This self-care advice.

14. This visual pun.

15. This very important plea to look at his boots.

16. This very sexual discussion about alligators.

17. This scientific song.

18. This photo of mac and cheese.

19. And...yep, another photo of an egg on technology.

20. This shower thought.

21. And finally, this question:

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