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21 People Who Really Screwed Up Royally

Everybody in this post had one job. One job.

1. Whoever made this cake:

2. The person who got the wrong Woody:

3. This cat:

4. The person who sent this text:

5. The person who forgot how locks work:

6. Whoever forgot what a hippo looks like:

7. Whoever caused this mix-up:

8. Whoever made this layout:

9. The person who added a lil' too much Mr. Bubble:

10. Whoever created this monstrosity:

11. The person who accidentally insulted a baby:

12. Whoever made this graphic:

13. The person who mistyped:

14. The Austrian army:

15. The very hip adult who wrote this comic:

16. The person who didn't fact-check:

17. The person who didn't quite speak French:

18. Whoever made this shirt:

19. The British Empire:

20. This poor dog:

21. And literally everybody in this thread:

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