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22 Funny Disney Posts That Absolutely Nailed It

"Linguini from Ratatouille is the only millennial character ever written correctly."

1. Everyone in Aladdin is hot. EVERYONE.

2. Linguini = accurate millennial.

3. Monsters, Inc. 3 will just be Mike and Sully re-enacting old Vines.

4. This should be a movie.

5. Thor is a Disney princess CONFIRMED.

6. "And Gmail means nobody gets left behind."

7. Oh yeah, I watched Brafrongled on ABC.

8. I can hear the song...

9. Coconuts are pretty versatile, though.

10. Same.

11. Somebody call Nick Offerman, please.

12. I remembered this song differently.

13. Is he ok?

14. Remy could control Sora, therefore Remy could theoretically defeat Thanos.

15. Ouch, my brain!

16. Here's the difference between Ariel having a daughter and Goofy having a son.

17. GET IT?

18. Admit it, you'd say the same thing.

19. "I am the one who sings."

20. There are so many layers of accuracy here.

21. "It's not a phase!"

22. And finally, you're officially old when...