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Things That Didn't Exist At The Start Of The 2010s But Are 100% Necessary Now

It's literally been the longest 10 years in the history of time.

1. Instagram:

2. One Direction:

3. Tinder:

Leon Neal / Getty Images

Online dating was already a thing by 2010 (sites like OkCupid and Match had been running for a while), but the idea of a dating app didn't really come about until Tinder hit the scene in 2012. Yeah, Tinder's only been around for, like, seven years; isn't that crazy?

4. Literally any Netflix Originals:

5. Taco Bell breakfast:

6. Game of Thrones:

7. iPads:

8. Basically, any Marvel Studios movies besides Iron Man:

9. Minecraft:

10. Uber and Lyft:

11. Sharknado:

12. Pinterest:

13. Snapchat:

14. Siri:

15. Duolingo:

the duolingo bird when i haven’t been active for two days

Duolingo launched for the public in June 2012, so while it SEEMS as if that owl has been shaming you via reminders that you're slacking on your language learning for a decade, it's really only been about seven years.

16. FaceTime:

17. Postmates:

When the postmates delivery guy calls me I always let it ring for a bit. Don't want him to think I'm desperate

There were other food delivery apps before it (hi, Grubhub), but nothing captured the imaginations and wallets of people with late-night munchies quite like Postmates did after it launched in 2011.

18. The Voice:

19. Friends streaming on Netflix:

Mood after finding out Friends AND The Office are leaving Netflix

You've probably watched enough Friends on Netflix to make you think that it's been on there since streaming started, but the classic NBC comedy only joined Netflix streaming in 2014. How you managed to watch every single episode 350 times since then, I do not know.

Have we forgotten anything? Let us know in the comments below what debuted in the 2010s that feels much, much older to you!