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    19 Photos So Ironic You Can't Help But Laugh

    At least 100 times more ironic than black flies in chardonnay.

    1. This eternally optimistic boat.

    2. This bipartisan supporter.

    3. These two billboards.

    4. These shirts.

    5. This bracelet that doesn't practice what it preaches.

    6. These memories that definitely faded.

    7. This short story in photo form.

    8. This sign at Walmart.

    9. This psychic who missed an important prediction.

    10. The Windseeker that found the wind.

    11. This whoopsie.

    12. This small hiccup.

    13. This precaution.

    14. The placement of these two stores.

    15. This prison's choice of car.

    16. This very careful driver.

    17. This lettering.

    18. This liar of a DVD.

    19. And finally, just everything about this.