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    19 Design Fails That Prove Fonts And Spacing Are Everything

    Fonts and spacing, people. Fonts and spacing.

    1. Don ate my glasses? How dare he!

    balanceilimp / Via

    2. Mrs. Agons must be very proud of her son's medical career.

    agenturensohn / Via

    3. Don't forget to fuck off!

    ArcaneDichotomy / Via

    4. Le tits now.

    XIV-Questions / Via

    5. I need to do what to my wrist now?

    AmeerFarhan / Via

    6. If you hard. Then you hard.

    Gbcue / Via

    7. Nothing like a little treason for the season.

    nthensome / Via

    8. Whoops.

    OneOfUsOneOfUsOneOfUsOneOfUsOneOfUs / Via

    9. Anyone need any bum gel?

    lucysearcey / Via

    10. God is nowhere?

    foxyllama8000 / Via

    11. First of all, ouch.

    12. MEGAFUCKS.

    13. I'll take mine without hair, thanks.

    IAmChrisGreenII / Via

    14. I consider myself more of a bean insider.

    lindseyllwalker / Via

    15. That's another kind of recreation entirely.

    Johnny Knoxville / Via

    16. It's the anals countdown! *synth solo*

    clockmerk / Via

    17. You had meat. Hello!

    Baudin82 / Via

    18. You're anally what?

    psil-cosyin / Via

    19. Sigh.

    fergus30 / Via

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