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19 Jokes That'll Be Funny Even If You've Only Watched A Little Anime

Only a general knowledge of anime is required to enjoy these.

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1. Yep, I know exactly one line in the opening theme:

2. Every inspirational speech ever:

3. Honestly, probably a real show's premise:

4. Somebody forgot about all the monsters:

5. Teenagers are never teenagers:

6. That nose thing™:

7. Living proof that every single idea has been done already:

8. An illustration of anime clothing logistics:

9. A totally normal occurrence:

10. This thing that happens every time:

11. So many spoilers:

12. This never needed to be made:

13. Somebody get the jumper cables:

14. Hmmmm:

15. And here's that girl's life:

16. There always seems to be one country conspicuously missing:

17. Honest mistake:

18. It'll happen:

19. Yep:

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