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    19 Super Helpful Wedding Tips From Actual Couples

    Try these tips, and stay sane on your wedding day because of them.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community, “What's the best decision you made about your wedding?” Here are their answers for you to have and to hold.

    1. Think about an off-season wedding if you need to stay in budget. (Bonus: hot chocolate station!)


    "Getting married in January! Everything was drastically cheaper as no one wants to get married in winter and vendors will discount since they need clients. Our venue was 40% cheaper, our DJ cost a full $1500 less, and our limo and photography services were a steal. Plus did I mention we had a make-your-own hot chocolate station complete with complementing alcohols?" —Rachael Avery Barton, Facebook

    2. Rely on the natural beauty of the venue to save on décor and floral.

    "The venue was a local botanical gardens. We didn’t have to decorate at all, and were surrounded by beautiful flowers." —Submitted by amywidmanr

    3. Stay strong on the details that matter most to you.

    4. To say hi to everyone without taking up the whole night, try taking "table photos."

    Disney / Lucasfilm

    "We set it up with our photographer that we go around to all the tables and take a picture with each table. This not only gave us a picture of every person at our wedding, it also gave us a chance to talk to everyone before the photographer stepped in as the 'bad guy,' saying, 'So sorry, I need to get a picture with the next table,' and we could move on." —Jenae Rose, Facebook

    5. If a big cake is out of budget, try a bunch of small cakes.


    "Instead of spending an extravagant amount of money on a cake that no one really cares about, we went to a famous cake shop in town and bought 15 different cakes. Guests could choose a slice of their favorite cake and it was a third of the price of a regular wedding cake!" —Submitted by brittb4b2102f69

    6. Or just get pie!


    "My husband and I both decided that we like pie more than cake, so we bought a bunch of pies instead of ordering a wedding cake! It saved money, and we got to eat pie!" —Submitted by kaityf3

    7. Try not to set your wedding date near a major holiday.

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    "When you set your date, be sure it is nowhere near a holiday that will affect your day. When we set our date, we couldn’t find a florist because our wedding was on Mother’s Day weekend and no florist would even talk to me once they knew the date of the wedding. Also, we often have to put our anniversary celebration on hold because we’re spending the weekend with our mothers." —Submitted by salvina

    8. Think outside the box in terms of venue spaces if you need to save money.

    9. Don't hire friends as vendors. Just don't.

    "Buy a cake, doesn't matter how well your friend says they bake and they'll even do it for free. Just buy one. Even if it's just sheet cakes on a cake stand. Family friend was going to bake ours but had to have someone else do it instead. It tasted like a sponge and looked like it was covered in cow pies. Just buy a cake." —Rhi Whitton, Facebook

    10. Give your phone to your MOH/Best Man for the day.

    Big Machine

    "I gave my phone to my maid of honor. She filtered my calls so that I didn't have to worry about giving anyone directions to the venue or where to park, etc. Because people definitely called me to ask me those kinds of things on my wedding day. Jeesh." —Lynlea Hart, Facebook

    11. Use an all-inclusive venue for a low-stress evening.

    "Having our wedding at an all-inclusive venue made wedding planning a million times less stressful. Our venue included everything―the food, the cake, the centerpieces, the linens―which saved us the trouble of trying to coordinate everything with 10 different vendors. We also had our ceremony and reception at the same venue so our 250 guests didn't have to worry about finding transportation." —Lexi Cohane, Facebook

    12. If you splurge on one thing, consider splurging on a day-of coordinator or a planner.

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    "Hiring a planner. She came with our venue for less than a grand extra, and she did everything. It would’ve been anxiety central without her. She narrowed down all of my options for me and made everything so much more manageable. Honestly I’m not sure I could have done it without her guidance." —Submitted by alic4eeeeb2d9

    13. Get to your reception faster by having a first look.

    14. To save on floral, check your local farmer's market.

    Eivaisla / Getty Images

    "Dessert table (no cake), and flowers from farmer's market — gorgeous wildflower bouquets for $18. Total. That’s two bridesmaids, two flower girls, me, and 10 tables. Instead of the hundreds a florist would charge." —Submitted by viciousxvenom

    15. A long engagement can help you collect or buy all the items you need over time.


    "I spent a year collecting mismatched china sets from garage sales and flea markets. It looked amazing and was cheaper per person than renting from a vintage rental company, and we resold them (except our favorite, which we kept)." —Submitted by janiss4d6ede092

    16. Let go and let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses.

    17. Make your DJ a list of music for them to play if that's important to you.


    "DEFINITELY give your DJ a thorough list of songs, if that’s important to you. Be specific! We gave ours a big list, but he started off with songs that weren’t on there and were not right for the crowd, and nobody was dancing. He started playing our list, and lo and behold, everybody got out on the dance floor." —Submitted by Andy

    18. Don't let tradition keep you from doing what you want.


    "Had men on my side instead of all girls. I wanted my bro and cousin and said, I’m doing it then. Getting married once, do it right." —Submitted by kimberlyc4f1a4e39b

    19. And finally, make sure you actually spend time with your spouse on the day.


    "Someone gave us the advice to 'stick together' during the reception, because so often couples split to chat with guests — sticking together meant that we share the same memories of the evening, and it really felt like a night for us." —Allie Caldwell, Facebook

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.