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    19 Netflix Recommendations You Can Watch With Your Family

    Minimal swearing and violence, no awkward sex scenes!

    1. The Great British Baking Show


    You may be thinking, "But I don't like baking competition shows!" Neither do I! But this one is so charming and so different from American reality shows. The contestants are kind to each other and actually help each other out if they're running behind(!!). Also, you'll learn so much about baking that before long you'll be thinking, "Maybe I should make some bread." With more than six seasons and specials available, you can binge this one during your entire time home with your family.

    2. Dogs


    There are only six episodes of this documentary series, but they're great ones. Each episode tells the story of a different dog and its owners, from a girl with epilepsy who gets a new service dog, to a fisherman in Italy who shares a special bond with his Labrador retriever. Watch out for Episode 2, "Bravo Zeus," about a Syrian refugee living in Berlin who tries to get his Siberian husky, Zeus, out of Syria with the help of friends and animal rescuers. You will sob.

    3. A Series of Unfortunate Events


    Based on the books for children that are only kinda for children, this show is whimsical enough for the whole family, but dark enough for adults to be heavily invested in the struggles of the Beaudelaire children. It's funny, it's suspenseful, it's weird, and it'll work for all ages.

    4. Coco


    As you'll see later in this post, there are a lot of Disney/Pixar offerings on Netflix, all of which are perfect for family viewing. But Coco deserves special mention, especially if you missed it in theaters last year. It's an absolutely gorgeous movie, and I ~dare~ you to not cry at the end.

    5. Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King


    This stand-up special is more of a one-man show, in both the presentation and the content. Sure, you'll laugh at Hasan's jokes about growing up as an immigrant kid in the '90s, but chances are good that you'll tear up a couple times as well, especially if you're surrounded by loving family. Just watch out for a few swears if there are little kids around.

    6. To All the Boys I've Loved Before


    This wildly popular teen rom-com gets a little sexy, but not so sexy that you'll be embarrassed to watch it with your parents. If you missed out on it earlier, get on board with the phenomenon, people!

    7. Star Wars: The Last Jedi


    There are a few Star Wars titles on Netflix, and while Rogue One is a great movie, it might be a little dark for younger members of the family. The Clone Wars is fun, but might not be mature enough for adults. This movie splits the difference perfectly.

    8. Mystery Science Theater 3000


    Netflix now has classic episodes of MST3K, as well as new episodes with Jonah Ray, Patton Oswalt and Felicia Day. There may be some language here and there, but the movies the gang watches and actively mocks are mostly cheesy old flicks with very little in terms of language, sex, or violence.

    9. Terrace House


    In an American reality show about young adults living in a house together, chances are very good that it would NOT be family-friendly. But the Japan-based Terrace House is basically the opposite of an American reality show: There's little drama, and any romantic developments are fairly innocent. It's all very calming to watch.

    10. The Good Place


    The first two seasons of this excellent NBC comedy (about a woman who dies and goes to the "Good Place," only to find that her placement there is due to an error) are available on Netflix, and they're very, very worth watching. A lot of it might fly over the heads of younger kids, but you and your parents will enjoy the hell out of it, no pun intended.

    11. Stardust


    I include this fantasy film on just about every list of Netflix recommendations I ever make, and I will continue to do so until the day I die, because it's the most charming movie since The Princess Bride. There's some mild cartoony violence, but nothing that kids can't handle.

    12. Queer Eye


    If by some chance you've managed to miss this series, you should absolutely take your holiday break to binge your way through it. Who doesn't love a makeover? The new Fab Five even take the time to have educational chats with their subjects about identity and politics, and maybe you're one of those people who thinks your parents could do with some of that.

    13. Mamma Mia!


    It's Mamma Mia!, guys. It's delightful. It's fine family fun. Literally the only downside is that the sequel isn't on Netflix yet, so you won't be able to do a double feature.

    14. Jeopardy! or Idiotest

    NBC, GSN

    Game shows are fun to watch with the fam, because you all get to yell out the answers at the TV (and maybe make fun of people who get it wrong). Jeopardy! is great if you want to challenge yourselves to some truly tough trivia, while Idiotest is more "trick questions" that anybody can answer, if you can figure out the twist.

    15. John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous


    If you haven't heard John Mulaney's stand-up yet, it's truly funny stuff. As a bonus, he tends to be a relatively clean comedian (as comedians go), so you won't have any embarrassing moments with your parents (he does swear a bit, so watch out for the kids). The only pitfall might be a bit at the end of this special where Mulaney gets a tad political, in a metaphorical kind of way. If you like this one, two of Mulaney's other excellent specials are also on Netflix.

    16. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee


    Speaking of clean comedians, Jerry Seinfeld runs a tight ship on this quirky talk show. Each episode involves Jerry driving around in some kind of rare collector car with another comedian and then stopping for coffee, all while having a usually entertainingly funny conversation.

    17. Adam Ruins Everything


    There are naturally some episodes of this explainer series that you'll want to avoid watching with family ("Adam Ruins Sex" comes to mind), but otherwise it's a very interesting watch. Each episode, Adam Conover uses a combo of research and sketch comedy to do an educational deep dive on a particular topic ranging from housing (is it really better to buy than rent?) to nutrition (do vitamins actually do anything?) to security (does taking off our shoes at the airport really prevent terrorism?). Maybe your Baby Boomer parents will be less smug or judgemental about your income when they watch "Adam Ruins Work."

    18. Any Marvel movie


    Do not watch Jessica Jones with your parents. There are so many sex scenes in the first couple of episodes, and you don't want that. But Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Thor: Ragnarok, and Black Panther are all suitable for pretty much any age, if you're OK with the superhero-style violence.

    19. Any Disney movie


    Moana, the live-action Beauty and the Beast remake, Mulan, and Lilo & Stitch are just a few of the many Disney/Pixar offerings available. Also, make sure you watch the severely underrated The Emperor's New Groove if you never have before.

    There's also a healthy dose of DreamWorks movies available, like Kung Fu Panda and The Prince of Egypt, if you feel like you've watched every Disney movie to death.

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